Some of the visitors to this site are more interested in the book reviews than my TechnoRants© and I have noticed a slight uptick in search terms for Everblue by Brenda Pandos. Brenda has been working on a sequel entitled Evergreen and a recent post on her blog announced that the Kindle & Nook e-book versions should be available on June 29th while physical copies of the book will be available at the end of July.

Those of you who read my review of Everblue will know that it was quite the exciting read and it looks like Brenda Pandos is going to continue on pace with this sequel. I am sure that some/most of my readers can still remember the 1970’s – if not the 60’s – and will consider this class of fiction to be something that only people with acne and raging hormones should read. (Frankly, at age 60, I’d love for my hormones to rage once more!) It should be kept in mind that the Harry Potter series was just as big a hit with adults as it was kids and Brenda seems to have a knack for making her work appeal across multiple generations.

So, kick back, relax and try to remember when your biggest worries were getting your drivers licence and/or finding a date for the prom. Even if that is a bit of a stretch for you, Evergreen should still be an enjoyable read.

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