Years ago when I lived in Atlanta, a most amazing thing happened. I was a Programmer/Analyst for The Harrison Company writing code in the assembly level language, NEAT/VS. (Essentially NEAT/3 for NCR’s Criterion system. Sigh . . . those were the days.) I came home from work one evening to receive not one, not two, but three different unsolicited job offers. The strange thing is that I was not actively, or even inactively, looking for a new job. I was pretty happy with my gig at Harrison and the only job I really wanted was one that would return me from exile to my native Virginia. (One did eventually come through which is why I live here in Charlottesville, now.)

I’ve been on the skids for the past 8 or 9 months and my last interview was back in October. I’ve applied for almost 100 jobs and have only gotten one or two nibbles at the most. Talk about being bummed out!

Within the past week, I’ve received three calls – again, unsolicited – from head-hunters. The first was for one that really intrigues me and the other two – while short-term contract work – would at least keep the wolf away from the door a little while longer.

There is no guarantee that I will get an offer for any of these positions but it is funny how things can sometimes turn on a dime. In 2010, I had a sudden spate of interviews before I was offered a position at SAIC. We shall see. We shall see.

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