Real authors probably encounter this situation on a regular basis so a rank amateur like myself should not be surprised to face one as well. I had a (very) small scene in mind which was not critical or even the slightest bit necessary, but I wanted to use it as a bit of character development for Penelope. My question was: “How do I insert it into the plot?” It comes after the out-of-sequence Chapter (yes, another one!) I finished last week and as it stood, had no place in the following chapter.

To get around that problem, I wrote a sort of framework host the scene and had it lead off the following chapter. (At least it looks like it belongs there, now.) Just one wittle problem – I’m quite chuffed with the framework but don’t like the scene at the centre of it all.

Do I dump the scene but keep the framework? (If so, what do I replace it with?)

Do I dump the whole thing and forget about it?

Decisions, decisions.

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