It has been over 72 hours since Windows 8 officially went on sale and Dr. Data has yet to get a copy for his test machine. While that should come later this week, he is nonetheless enjoying the post launch buzz – both pro and con. For example Dan Costa from PC Magazine claims that Windows 8 Is Too Big to Fail.  Dr. Data remembers that being said about Wall St. and Banks as recently as 5 years ago and we all know what happened after that, don’t we. Dan reasons that Microsoft still dominates the market despite Apple’s growth to 13% and – as much as I hate to say it – the minuscule 1.5% that Linux owns. Since Microsoft’s CEO, Steve Ballmer, stated that there were 670,000,000 Windows PCs just a-waiting to be upgraded, Dan  claims that Windows 8 has become the new standard – apparently by default – overnight. OK, but Dr. Data remembers when Vista was the next big thing and  . . . well . . . you know the rest.

Meanwhile, Matthew Murray – also writing in PC Magazine – argues that Windows 8 is a Desktop Disaster and bewails loading it on his PC over the weekend. Like Dr. Data, he feels that Redmond gas given short shrift to traditional desktop and laptop users. Though Matthew and Dr. Data are no longer in the Windows target market – in the same way that hiring managers believe that people over 50 no longer exist – there are still a whole heck of a lot of us out there. Windows Vista was little more than a damp squib until Service Pack 2 came along and the same fate may befall Windows 8. By the time that Microsoft released that service pack, Vista  had gained such a bad reputation that the damage was almost irreparable.  When Windows 7 came out, there was much rejoicing and history may indeed repeat itself with the majority of those millions and millions of PCs that Steve Ballmer mentioned holding out for Windows 9. Until then, Windows 7 is most likely the new standard.

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