It’s been three weeks since Windows 8 launched and we should have some numbers coming in . . . except we don’t. Microsoft has been keeping mum about just how well – or otherwise – Windows 8 has been doing. There was a press release mentioning 4 million copies sold the first weekend after the launch but “sold” does not mean “installed”. Knowing how Redmond loves – like any company – to trumpet its sales figures, that press release is more of a piccolo right now.

Perhaps this may have something to do with an article in the Wall Street Journal today which reports that in October, companies showed the most drastic cuts in growth and investments in hardware/software since 2009. Yes, it might have something to do with the apparently disappointing sales except that the number of companies expected to be early adopters of Windows 8 was fairly small. This cutback may have had some impact on the numbers but Dr. Data believes that it was pretty darn small.

A significant number of the sales for any operating systems comes from pre-installations on new PCs/Laptops and the manufacturers are clearing out the Windows 7 machines first before pushing Windows 8 machines out the door. Microsoft may find some bit of comfort there but the early numbers and analysis indicate that there will not be much change over the next month and a half.

A lot of the initial sales of any operating system comes directly from consumers; the early adopters who want to have a go at the latest and greatest as soon as possible. Dr. Data has been following a thread on the Windows BBS forum that asks the simple question: “Do you plan to move to Windows 8”. So far, the response has been a resounding “NO”. Of course, a good many of the people who use websites like this are experienced Windows users; people who use Windows a lot and might thus be somewhat less inclined to make an early move because of sheer inertia. That leaves Mr. & Mrs. Average Consumer and they don’t seem to be very interested at the moment.

Meanwhile, the Windows 8 DVD that Dr. Data ordered from Redmond has yet to turn up in the Parsonage mail-box. Not very encouraging, is it? The only bright spot is a shimmering mirage of popularity with regard to the Windows Surface RT tablet. It is the most popular Windows 8 device with an 11% share of sales. That sounds great but one must keep in mind that the Surface tablet is a so-so sized fish in a rather small pond.

All of this leaves Dr. Data to conclude that with Thanksgiving just a few days away, there’s more than one turkey gobbling out there. Linux anyone?


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