Hot on the heels of yesterday’s rant concerning the sudden unpopularity of the name “Metro” comes word that one possible cause of all this pussy-footing is that Redmond has run afoul of a trademark  belonging to Metro AG, one of Microsoft’s European retail partners. If the information posted on ars technica is correct, the German retail giant has threatened Redmond with litigation in order to defend its trademark. With Microsoft’s track record in EU litigation, it is easy to see why they would suddenly do an about-face. It’s also easy to see why Metro AG would want to distance its self  from the forthcoming turkey of an Operating System.

But wait, there’s more!

In the week since Microsoft released Windows 8 to manufacturing, copies of the final build of the OS have been popping up here and there on the web. Most folks don’t have access to these final builds but the few that do are reporting that as part of the last-minute tinkering with the nascent Son of Vista©, Microsoft has severely crippled the user’s ability to boot Windows 8 directly to the desktop and bypass the start screen. At the same time, these folks are also reporting that Stardock’s Start8 still works with the RTM build. Since Start8 also includes an option to bypass the start screen & go directly to the desktop, it will be interesting to see if that bit can still deliver the goods. Read the full report from ZDNet.

Finally . . .

Simon Besson from ZDNet reports that the reason for Microsoft ditching the start button is that hardware technology does all of that for you now so there’s no need for “Start”. Well, DUH! This may indeed be the case but Dr. Data has a number of clients who are still quite fond of their old, low-tech keyboards. Mary Jo Foley from ZDNet says that Microsoft is planning to roll out  keyboards & mice that are optimised for Windows 8 in the coming weeks. Holy Cuppertino, Batman! What an opportunity to bleed even more cash from customers! The idea of shifting exclusively to Linux looks better and better every day.

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