This is going to be a short rant even though Dr. Data is mightily honked off. I have been hard at work on two interviews, a couple of book reviews and who knows what else. Today, I had a completely clear lunch break as well as some chunks of thumb-twiddling time while I repeatedly waited for a CGI process to finally time out and thus made the best of it by wrapping up one review and starting to work on formatting the interview for publication. I made a lot of progress on the interview and was looking forward to getting ahead of the game this evening.

I have been using Ubuntu 1, DropBox, and Microsoft’s SkyDrive to shuttle documents, scripts, images, etc. between work, home and the ancestral family estate in Hopewell, VA. On this particular day, I was using SkyDrive for my cloud storage. After the CGI process timed out one last time, I shut my work machine down, and headed for the parking lot secure in the knowledge that this evening would be super productive.

After supper, I fired up the Dell Studio and opened my SkyDrive folder so I could get to work. There was one wee problem; my work from earlier today was NOT in the folder. Apparently, the software never synched things between my work machine and the couple of gigabytes that I call my own somewhere out there. The stuff is still on my work machine. I’m not particularly worried that I have lost the work as the same thing happened with DropBox a while back. Then, as now, I had really hoped that I could catch up on things at home.

Remember folks, man’s best friend is a flash drive!

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