If you’ve decided not to wait for the new Microsoft Surface and don’t have the wherewithal to buy an iPad then you need not worry; You have lots of affordable options available. Long-time discount e-tailer, TigerDirect, has a good selection of ten inch tablets available for well under $300. These tablets all use Google’s Android Operating system and the number of apps for this OS grows every day. The availability of apps is one thing to consider when buying a tablet but how you’re going to use your new device is an even more important consideration. For example, I love my HP Touch Pad even though it only has a fair selection of apps. Development of new apps for this device has come to almost a complete standstill since Hewlett-Packard shot itself in the foot with pin-point accuracy about a year ago. nonetheless, it still does exactly what I originally wanted to do:

  1. Allow me to send and receive e-mail
  2. Allow me to do a bit of web surfing from either the comfort of the den sofa or the bedroom upstairs
  3. Allow me to take notes for various projects like this blog

There are a few other misc. apps loaded on this device but they are only used intermittently, if at all. Whats more, the Touchpad only cost me $150.00.

So how do you decide which tablet is for you? PC Magazine has released  the results of its 2012 Reader’s Choice survey for Tablets and E-book readers. As is to be expected, Apple’s iPad takes one of the top spots but if you want to just say no to Cupertino, you still have plenty of available choices.

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