Some of you can probably remember your fathers, uncles or grandfathers talking about such radio “personalities” during World War II as Tokyo Rose, Axis Sally or Lord Haw Haw.  One of the speakers who portrayed Haw Haw was actually an American. (For those who are wondering, Lord Haw Haw did not invent the English landscaping feature known as the “Ha Ha”!) Whilst we are the subject of Americans, Tokyo Rose was often portrayed by Iva Toguri D’Aquino, an American citizen born to Japanese immigrants and Axis Sally was an Italian/American named Rita Zucca. During the Korean War, American GI’s had Pyongyang Sally (no relation to Axis Sally).

Now that we are in the age of the internet, our troops in Afghanistan have “Facebook Frances” only this time, it’s not about demorialising propaganda. Instead, it’s all about intelligence gathering. It seems that the armed thugs known as the Taliban have been posing as attractive women on Facebook in order to dupe the troops. (“Hello American GI! Would you happen to have your geospatial co-ordinates handy?”)

ZDNet’s story is on the short side so I’m going to let them do the rest of the talking. Warfare goes digital as the Taliban pose on Facebook as “attractive women” to steal military secrets.

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