This post is for my dear, long-suffering brother.

I arrived in Rensselar, NY – just across the river from Albany – a little after 7:00 PM. The shuttle van from the Best Western – Airport arrived in short order and I was soon on my way to reunite with auld friends, an Angus burger, a not-so-wee dram of Glenlivet, and a soft bed on which to rest my weary head. Needless to say, the Glenlivet was a proper dram  and it soon directed me to my room in order to submit this one last post for July 12, 2012.

Just after leaving the Amtrak station, the shuttle van wound up behind a car bearing three decals on the rear. These decals were for:

1. The New York Yankees – (My wife would be right chuffed!)

2. Oswego State University – (This is New York, after all)

3. The Virginia Tech Hokies – (My brother bleeds burnt orange & Chicago maroon for his Alma Mater!)

This just goes to prove that no matter where you go, there you are.

Let’s Go Hokies!

The final segment on the CBS “This Morning” so featured a story by Mo Rocca on the nascent tradition of engagement rings for men. Although Mo is openly gay, this has nothing to do w/ gay marriage, etc. The story spotlighted real, heterosexual, couples where either the girl has asked the guy to marry her or, having been the recipient of a more traditional proposal, the girl asks the guy if he would wear an engagement ring as well.

As always, the trend is much bigger outwith this backwards country. Don’t think for a second that this involves the guy wearing a one or two carat rock on his finger. The rings are plainer – read more “manly” – than the ones for the ladies and may  have a small diamond or other precious stone embedded in them. Since single guys will often wear a  ring of some sort on their left ring-finger, they may be hard to distinguish from the run of the mill man’s ring.

What is important here is the concept. Whether he is the proposer or the proposee, the guy is – or should be – of some small value to his future mate and her asking him to wear this small token declaring that he’s off the market is rather touching. The traditional engagement ring has become a large financial investment for the guy; one that is expected if  not required by the girl. Since women, more often than not, are earning their own way through life, doesn’t her husband-to-be deserve a little something?

The “Man-gagement” ring. Hate the name. Love the concept.

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