IMG_0926A week ago, this morning, I joined the ranks of retired Americans. (Re-tyred is a play on the British spelling of “tire”. Brits & Canadians will get the humour. The rest of you probably won’t.)

The contractor position which had occupied my time for over 18 months, ended sooner than expected. Since I had planned for this job to carry me at least to retirement age, I was faced with a bit of a dilemma. I could return to the soul-crushing task of trying to find another job – age discrimination at 58 would be a walk in the park compared to that at age 64 – or I could simply call time on my career and follow my hallucination dream of becoming a writer.

It wasn’t even close! Retirement won, hands down. Of course, I did carry out due diligence by checking my company’s current openings for positions which matched my skill-set. Those positions I did find, all required me to relocate. With three houses to manage – my late mother’s, my late mother-in-law’s, and my own – the prospects of wrapping up 3 properties and disposing of  a combined 100+ years of accumulated stuff, the chances of being able to complete my relocation anytime soon were slim and none. What’s more, I’d have to report for work at where-ever and my wife would be left with most of the work AND her own full-time job as well.

Like I said, it wasn’t even close.

So, after taking a week off to attend the 2016 Virginia Festival of the Book – more on that in a subsequent post – I’m back at my desk here in Hopewell, trying to sort out a book give-away, get going on my second novel, pay some bills, and establish some sort of daily routine.

So, what does this mean for The Parsons’ Rant?

Well, I’ve got two blog sites to deal with, now. There’s the Tails From Colony Island site ( that deals with my series of novels. And then, there’s this one as well. I plan to limit posts on the Colony Island site to topics dealing directly with the series and to use this one for the usual ranting and raving.

The Parsons’ Rant has been neglected for the past couple of years. There are a number of things which no longer work and will require repair, replacement, or elimination. It won’t happen overnight, but it will happen. So, if you’re one of the loyal few who have followed The Parsons Rant through the lean times, thanks.

Now, to edit Chapter 1 of novel # 2 and also figure out why I can’t get any sound out of my PC this morning.

Hurricane Sandy was almost a non-event here at the foot of the Blue Ridge Mountains. There was a so-so breeze and a good bit of rain but not quite the disaster that the forecasters had predicted. Things were a bit different in the higher elevations and Crozet – which sits at the very base of the mountains did experience some outages because of the wind but on the whole, Albemarle County just had some spot outages here & there; about what you might expect following a rain storm. On the whole, Sandy was a non-event here.

Storm action at Virginia Beach

Just so I can show you a wee bit of storm action, here’s the view at the Neptune statue on the Virginia Beach boardwalk.

I thought that I would take a moment and give you a folksy update on what’s going on here at The Parsons’ Rant. Think of it as a fireside chat but without the cardigan.

Book Reviews

Yes, I know that I haven’t done one in a while and that I have yet to publish the most recent one on Goodreads. At this moment, I have 4 books in the Review Queue© due to a reading binge in August. With any luck, I’ll get one of them out there in the next 7 days.

Blog Posts

My contributions to the worlds of technology and Young Adult Fiction have been sporadic of late. Part of this was due to my annual week at Virginia Beach and part of it was due to ongoing work at the palatial family estate in Hopewell. My brother and I have been labouring to drag the big house – kicking & screaming – into the 21st century. For example, Dr. Data spent four days last week replacing the electrical outlets with three-prong sockets. Most of the two prong sockets were original equipment and the house appears to have been wired by someone drinking bathtub gin. The face-plates for the outlets have a quarter-inch of paint on them and the necessary screws refuse to turn like they should. At this point, I am about 1/3 of the way through this project.

The fun doesn’t stop there. The house has a laundry list of repairs/fixes and the contractor has announced that he is ready to commence work next week. Therefore, I will make yet another trip to his ancestral home to oversee the work. Since I usually do not have much time in Hopewell for frivolous things like  blog posts, the faithful followers of The Parsons’ Rant will have to do without for 5 or 6 days.

From the Mailbag

Mr. John Doe of Anywhere, USA writes: “Hey Dr. Data! What’s with all the reviews of books about mermaids? You weird or something?”

It’s time for Dr. Data to come out of the closet and confess that he has been a certified mermaid geek since the age of 5. While, ordinarily, he does not believe they exist, he has been known to see one or more after consuming more than one wee dram of Hebridean single-malt. What Dr. Data is working on is an urban fantasy on the subject of mer-folk. These novels have been his research into how other authors have handled the subject. In separating the wheat from the chaff,  he has come upon a number of good authors and exciting stories.

Will Dr. Data ever publish his novel(s). His standard reply is “Not bloody likely!”

That’s It for Now

Time to post this puppy and take Lady Judith out for a bit of lunch.

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