Business seems to be booming in the world of Macintosh infections. You might remember my post last week about the Flashback Trojan.
Well, a variant of this nastiness has been spotted in the wild.

This particular variant exploits MS Word for OS X and hops on your Mac machine by riding along on a Word document you download from the web. It will quietly sit there – unnoticed – and activates when you open that same Word document. Just another reason for buying some security software for your Mac.

For more details, see the article on ZDNet.

For all of you MAC users out there, Apple has released a tool  to remove known versions of Flashback malware. The original story was posted here on April 11.

Infections have dropped to around 270,000 compared to a high of approximately 600,000 last week.

Read all about this release on ZDNet.

The honeymoon is – at long last – over. The number of Macs in use out there has reached the tipping point and the bad guys are finding it worthwhile to have some fun at your expense. Viruses have been long considered – at least in the world of Macs – to be something that those poor Windows users had to deal with. Now, Mac users are getting in on the fun whether they like it or not.

The bottom line is: Get an anti-virus/security package – if you’re not already using one – and get it now!

I’m going to let this article from PC Magazine’s “Security Watch do the talking for me.

Here is an additional take on the Flashback Trojan from The Windows Club.

And before you go, here are some tips for boosting Mac OS X security.

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