Somehow, I made it through round 1 of fruitcake production relatively unscathed. I burned my left thumb sliding the loaves into the (hot) oven and somehow acquired a small cut on my right pinkie. Even my back behaved – for once.

I mentioned the paucity of mixing bowls in an earlier post but I did all right with the assortment of pots and bowls I did have on hand. The only negative was discovering that the beaters that go with the mixer in Mom’s kitchen had been abducted by aliens. This meant I had to use an old-fashioned egg-beater and well as a wooden spoon and a good bit of muscle.

I’ll try to rectify the equipment shortage whilst I’m home for Thanxgiving. Round 2 of fruitcake fever takes place on Tuesday or Wednesday night of the following week. I’m saving the gingerbread cookies for when I’m home for the holidaze.

On tap for tonight, I gently remove the loaves from their pans, warp them in paper cloths soaked in cream sherry, and let the curing begin. I’ll refresh the cloths the next two Monday evenings and this batch will be ready to ship.

I used to soak them in Golden Sherry but that has become almost impossible to find.

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