During the keynote address at the Google developer’s conference, the company announced that it is partnering with hardware maker, ASUS, to produce a new 7 inch tabled known as NEXUS-7. The tablet will more easily fit into purses or bags than an iPad which is sure to please at least the female portion of our population as well as those brave guys who carry their stuff in a shoulder bag.

The tablet is incredibly thin, light and boasts a quad-core processor and 12 core graphical processor, There is no word yet as to how all these processor cores will affect battery life. NEXUS-7 is optomised for use with Google Play, their cloud-based entertainment and media service.

The price is right; NEXUS-7 will start at $199.00. The device may be purchased online via Google Play and is expected to begin shipping in mid-July.

Of all the recent tablet announcements, Microsoft’s Surface seems to be the device most likely to make headway against Apple’s iPad. How much headway they will make really depend’s on the public’s awareness that there is something else besides the iPad out there. Nonetheless, the Google NEXUS-7 is a mobile device to keep our eyes on in the coming months. No doubt, Apple will find some reason to file for patent infringement.

More from the Google Developers Conference via C|net:

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