It all depends on your age.

Baby Boomers worry about a lot of things; Hair loss, retirement vanishing over the horizon, dentures and . . . computer security. While those of us who are . . . umm . . . somewhat more secure tend to think that those “kids” in “Generation Y” are more computer savvy than the rest of us, that apparently is not the case when it comes to security. While there are differences between the ways each generation uses their computers, there is no denying that Boomers are more likely to have security features in place.

Zone Alarm, a manufacturer of internet security products, posted in graphical form on its website, the results of their analysis of just who employs computer security and how much. Fifty-eight percent of Boomers believe that security is more important than productivity, entertainment, etc. Only thirty-one percent of Gen. Y think the same way.

The really frightening thing to be found in all this is that, as a whole, 71% of all age-groups do not  follow best practices in security like having a two-way firewall in addition to anti-virus software.

Just something to think about.


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