Internet service Providers (ISPs) are reporting that the Domain Name Changer trojan has had a minimal impact since the FBI shut down the servers belonging to the criminal enterprise at 12:01 AM on Monday. Service providers such as Verizon and Comcast have been reporting only a relative  few calls for help concerning the sudden loss of internet access on Monday.

Before we consider the DNS Changer to be a non-event, users and service providers will do well to keep in mind that not everyone uses every PC every day. There is a significant number of users who only power up every few days, have a second PC or Laptop that sees only intermittent use, etc. These casual users are also some of the most likely to have paid scant attention to the warnings about the DNS Changer over the past months.

Even though the FBI has shut down those servers, ISPs have taken over by redirecting requests for those addresses to what is in effect a “walled garden”.  Here, the hapless user is informed of the situation and what is needed on their part to remedy the problem. While some news outlets have reported that anti-virus software has taken care of most of the infections, there are still plenty of people out there who refuse to either purchase security software or keep it up to date.

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