For years, I’ve watched Apple and Microsoft duke it out – either thru corporate ads or via their legions of fanboys – over PC security. You probably remember the “I’m a Mac/I’m a PC” ad campaign that Apple launched touting, among other things, that Macs – or rather OS X – just didn’t do virus or malware infections. (Dr. Data repeatedly thought: : Just you wait, Steve Jobs. Just you wait.”)

In the wake of the Flashback Trojan and other attacks – both real and potential – Apple has quietly changed its tune according to an article on the PC World website. What Apple has done is replace the claim on its website that MACs don’t get PC viruses with another stating that OS X is built to be safe. (Take a look at a comparison of the two messages.) Actually, the original claim was quite true; Indeed,  MACs do not get PC viruses. Instead, they get MAC viruses.

In line with that change, came an announcement reported on ZDNet that OS X’s Mountain Lion release would feature silent security updates. The advent of these silent patches indicates that reality has finally caught up with Apple.

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