by Hillary Lester

An extremely unique read. Hilary Lester has envisioned a different kind of “Mer-world” where there are two different clans who definitely do not get along, each one under the oppressive thumb of their very own despot albeit very dissimilar despots. In some ways, you start to feel like you’ve landed on a sub-aquatic version of “Airstrip One” in Orwell’s 1984. While the two clans supposedly hate each other, they share a common fear of the “Four Arms” (Humans) who live on land. The heroine, Leelee, makes perfectly clear her revulsion at the thought of being a “Four Arm”.

What is not explained is the origins of the enmity between those who live above and those who live below the water. It is hoped that this is the first of a series and such loose strings will be tied up along the way.

About the only negative comment I can make – not that I want to make one at all – is that the author’s names for the characters sound a bit too similar at times which can lead to a bit of confusion if the novel is not read in 2 or 3 sittings. Otherwise, well done Hilary!

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