by Renee Field
A Good Story Spoiled

I was looking to take a bit of a break from Young Adult Fiction yet still wanted to continue researching my never to be published novel and thought that Renee Field’s Rapture was going to be just the thing. Sadly, while it was a fairly good story, it could have been better. Let me set the stage for you.

We have two princes exiled from their undersea realm and forced to live with – ugh! – humans for the past 10 years. We also have an Amazon of a graduate student working on her master’s thesis concerning infectious diseases among marine life, a dolphin who’s the younger sister of the aforementioned princes, a betrothed princess from a rival undersea realm who’s a tri-sexual  – in other words, she’ll try anything – and a baffling disease that threatens the royal line of the aforementioned undersea realm. Throw in the fates and a crazed marine researcher and there you have it.

The graduate student, is really an orphaned siren who was brought up in the human world. Seth, one of the two exiled princes meets her while paying a call at the research institute to examine the dolphin who turns out to be his youngest sibling. The sparks & hormones fly and we’re treated to pages of on-again, off-again lust. He doesn’t know just what she is and neither does she. Seth repeatedly exercises extreme forbearance  in dealing with his strange, irresistible attraction to Jamie and the reader wants to say “just get on with it” which is what they eventually do.

And that is what spoils this story; an overabundance of  S-E-X. Please do not get this reviewer wrong. He has nothing against sex – just ask his wife – but the ongoing lust moves Rapture from the realm of romantic fantasy to that of  a thinly veiled sex novel. Ms Field spends plenty of time on the sexy bits but seems to lose track of some plot points along the way. The star-crossed couple are so involved with saving and/or healing each other as well as dealing with threats to their realm that the issue of the unknown malady goes completely by the board.

Jamie is a woman of science whose rational mind has trouble dealing with the fact that she has a tail attached to her suddenly voluptuous body and is living under the sea with a magical race of  merfolk. She finds herself lost, confused, purposeless and instantly pregnant. As she adjusts to the life sub-aquatic, the fact that she could find purpose and put her scientific skills to work in identifying a cure for the disease is completely overlooked for the sake of one last bit of mer-nookie.

One of the most interesting characters is the siren-cum-dolphin of a younger sister. The red-haired teenager appears on and off throughout the story but the reader doesn’t learn too much about her other than she has a crush on one of the undersea warriors.

Renee Field had the makings of a good story – with or without sex – but there seems to be too much going on at times and the effect is somewhat chaotic. It is worth reading – especially if you want to get your blood pumping – but fails to live up to its promise.
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