The first computer that Dr. Data ever encountered was a SAGE – Semi Automatic Ground Environment – installation in a huge block-house at Fort Lee, VA. These machines were physically the largest computers ever built and used 55,000 vacuum tubes; each tube was individually air-conditioned. You did not just walk through the computer room – you walked through the computer.

Since that time in the early 60’s, Dr. Data has seen a lot of hardware come and go. His favourites were the NCR Century Series  and the NCR Criterion which followed. Ask him about those machines and he will get a far-away look in his eye and ramble on and on about the joys of programming for those machines using NCR’s NEAT/3 language.

All this brings him to the main point of today’s post. Tech Republic has an article and slide show about computers that defined the information age being restored to more or less working condition. If you have even the slightest interest in computing history, the article is definitely worth a look.

Dr. Data hopes that he’ll one day see an article about an NCR Century machine – the 101 or 151 will do nicely – being brought back to life.

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