We are well into the third week of the cicadan invasion and they’re still coming out of the ground albeit at a greatly reduced rate. The week-end of 5/16 was probably high tide for these noisy visitors but there were still significant numbers emerging from the soil, rehearsing a few pick-up lines and buzzing off to the great arboreal disco lounge. There are still a smattering of stragglers every morning but the onslaught has seen better days.

The racket in the leafy confines of Studio 54 is still going strong, however. We don’t even have to go outside to hear them. They are quite audible inside The Parsonage even with the doors closed and the windows shut tight. Meanwhile, their life of no-stop boogieing is really starting to take its toll and the back patio is littered with the mortal remains of ex-cicadas dressed in pastel leisure suits, gold chains and conspicuous chest thorax hair.

North of Connecticut,  Brood II is waiting just off stage and those who emerge around June 6th will no doubt paint invasion stripes on their wings and jitterbug to classic Glen Miller tunes. Hopefully, the ruckus will have died down around here by then.

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