As the techno-pundits have repeatedly announced, desk-top and lap-top computers are a thing of the past. From now on, we will all be using mobile devices for our computing needs. While tablets and smart-phones may be a significant part of our future, these advances are coming with a very painful price.

The latest malady to afflict Homo Computians is Text-Neck Syndrome. This condition is no joke and is caused by bending your head to look down at your smart-phone in order to send a text message, read your e-mail, etc. Text-Neck is not only caused by smart-phones but tablets and other hand-held devices as well. A segment on the CBS’ This Morning show highlighted the problem and its source. A normal head weighs about 10 lbs (swollen or not). For every inch you lean your head down-ward, the strain on your spine doubles. Lean your head over 2 or more inches and your neck is suddenly supporting 20 or 30 pounds. Do this constantly or for extended periods of time and you will have one royal pain in the neck.

Perhaps desk-tops and lap-tops will not go the way of the dodo after all. For more information, see:

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