I keep an eye on the stats for this blog-site because:

  1. I want to know what my readers are interested in
  2. I have nothing better to do.

That being said, the post I did a while back – Mens Fashion: Mantyhose – has been a big time hit. Nearly every day, I see “Mantyhose” (What a wretched name!) or tights come up in the list of search terms. Moreover, these queries are coming from all over the world.

Since this is my day for follow-ups, you may be interested to learn that the women’s legwear blog-site mentioned in my first article on this subject has released a second post on Mantyhose – the term was coined by Women’s Wear Daily – containing quotes about this growing trend from retailers, manufacturers, fashion editors, et al.

I am going to let the post on the Fashion My Legs blog-site do the talking for me.

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