At least 600,000 Macs were infected by the Flashback Trojan. Did Apple fail to protect its users? Or were users defeated by their own misguided fantasies of invulnerability?

Like ripples in a pond, the ruckus over the “success” of the Flashback Trojan continues to spread. Even though there’s a fix for it and all is – supposedly – well, people are wondering: “How could this happen?” Was it the fault of  Apple? Was it the fault of the user? Was it the fault of both?

If you can remember back to 2006, there was the snarky series of ads – I’m a Mac/I’m a PC”. In one of them, Apple flaunted its perceived invulnerability to all the nasty things that Windows PC get. Apple has been slow to realise and respond to the threat of MAC malware and users have blithely gone about their daily business without bothering to think about the potential danger to their systems.

ZDNet is offering the great debate on just who’s to blame. It is a worthwhile read for MAC users as well as the rest of the computing community.


By the way, Howard is a PC but he does have an iPhone.

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