There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics. Mark Twain

Statistics can be used or massaged to prove or justify just about anything. If you doubt that, simply take a look at any political ad on TV nowadays.

I keep an eye on the site statistics – more to see if anyone is actually reading any of this – and I have noticed 3 considerable spikes in my traffic. Each of those spikes came immediately after posting something about MACs with the largest spike coming in the wake of my “Welcome to the real world” post . This has led me to the conclusion that there is a significant interest – at least among my “audience” – in MACs or at least my posts about them.

My MAC posts have been on things that simply fell into my lap, so to speak. I’m basically a Windows man who is also interested in Linux. Have nothing against MACs. Just never worked for a company that used them. To me, MACs are a tool just like anything else.

So the question becomes “Should I focus on MACs more?” I’ve always wanted to build a Hackentosh so this might be my golden opportunity. And, coming from 37 years of experience with all kinds of computers, I can probably give a more even assessment than some “Fanboy”. To help me figure all this out, I’ve got a short survey below.

Do you own a MAC?[show_poll “Yes” “No”]
Should Howard start blogging about MACs more often?[show_poll “Yes” “No”]
Should Howard build a “Hackentosh”?[show_poll “Yes” “No”]

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