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It’s the semi-annual high holy days for Ubuntu Geeks as version 12.10 is released. Ubuntu is the third most popular distribution of Linux according to Distro Watch. Number 2 is Mageia and number 1 is Mint Linux; both have gained increased popularity since Ubuntu implemented its Unity desktop shell. As far as Dr. Data is concerned, Ubuntu does what he wants it to do: Work. The interface is not that critical to him. Just about every Operating System or Interface has two groups of followers:

  • The Cheerleaders – These are the folks who equate their interface/OS with the second coming. Those who feel otherwise are Infidels.
  • The Jeerleaders –  These are the haters; the Apostates. No cute uniforms or bouncing up and down on the sidelines for them; they are more like the hordes of angry peasants with torches and pitchforks.

When these two groups interact, the result is quite similar to a holy war. But, I digress.

ZDNet has a number of articles about Ubuntu 12.10.:

Holy wars aside, one of the great things about Linux is that – except for commercial/enterprise distributions – it’s FREE. If a distribution doesn’t work as well as expected or if you just don’t like one or more things about it, you can easily switch to one that suits you. Try doing that with Windows! Since in most cases, the software applications are FREE as well, you have a minimal investment in Linux.

So, before you send that older, unused desktop/laptop PC off to Goodwill, give Linux in general and Ubuntu in particular a try. If you’re dissuaded by the idea of interface holy wars, just keep in mind the fact that the very same thing is going on right now with Windows 8. To get your very own copy of  Ubuntu- for FREE – go to

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