I can claim with almost near certainty that I have never influenced or inspired anyone. However, today I may claim a (very) wee bit of reflected glory.

It all started with an issue of “My Summer Weekly Reader” back in the (very) distant days of my youth. This particular issue had a story about a kid who was an Amateur Radio Operator a.k.a. a HAM radio operator. Being fascinated with all things “radio”, I caught the bug but never got further than being a Short Wave Listener (SWL). A most of it was because I could never tell a dot from a dash whilst listening to Morse Code. Either that or because my brain could never process the information fast enough. Thus, I wound up being a spectator.

My kid brother – Jim – most always wanted to do what his big brother – me – was doing and therefore caught the HAM radio bug from me. He earned his Novice licence when he was in the 8th grade and through a combination of patience, perseverance, and hard work climbed the ladder of HAM Radio success and now has the highest grade of licence issued by the FCC.

If you have been paying any kind of attention to the newscasts, we are days away from the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titantic. GR100MGY is a  special event radio station licenced by OFCOM in the UK and set up in birthplace of Jack Phillips, the senior wireless officcer on the Titanic. On April 10th, my brother was able bust a pileup of competing radio enthusiasts and contact GR100MGY the first time he called the station over the air. He accomplished this feat on the 15 metre radio band using CW (Morse Code) which was only fitting considering that the Titanic was the first ship to use the “new” emergency distress code of SOS (Everything in that bygone era was done over the air via Morse Code.)

Needless to say, his older brother is quite proud of him and will take just a tiny bit of credit for starting him on this path.

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