The “This Morning” show on CBS featured a segment on the IT giant Infosys and its involvement in visa fraud. The company has getting around H-1B visa restrictions by obtaining B1 visas for its minions in India. The B1 visa allows people from foreign countries to enter the US for meetings, seminars, training, etc. but NOT to perform work. Infosys immediately puts these employees to work for US companies at substantially lower wages and there are absolutely no income taxes paid to the IRS or the state government. This is not the only instance of fraudulent visa practices as a complaint has been filed against a similar company in New Jersey.

The question is: “How much of this goes on with the knowledge of the client companies?” Is this one of those practices that goes on with a wink and a nod from corporate America?

Greed and stupidity have become the hallmarks of  American business in the corporate sector. In her lead-in to the story, Erica Hill first stated that US companies outsource American jobs because the labour is so much cheaper overseas and then followed with the statement that some companies bring in foreign workers to take jobs from Americans. Erica, you need to hire better news writers! Whether the jobs are outsourced or foreign workers are brought here to work illegally, the results are the same: American is weakened and its workers are robbed of their jobs.

If I sound like I have an axe to grind it’s because I do have one. This is one American worker who saw his job and his career go off to India . . . to a company named Infosys.

Here’s the story from CBS.

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