1. If any of you have noticed, the title of this blog has changed slightly. It was “The Parsons’ Rant”. It is now “The Parsons Rant”. A minor change so how come? Posts on this blog are Tweeted, Facebook-ed, and LinkedIn and in many cases, the site name was appearing as “The Parsons' Rant”. That odd sequence of characters was WordPress’s way of representing an apostrophe ( ‘ ) since a naked character like that can mess up parsing by web applications. (There are plenty more characters that are represented in this way. You just don’t see them on the front end.) Even though Dr. Data knew what it was, it still looked butt-ugly on an e-mail or Tweet so he changed the name slightly to avoid that happening. Otherwise, it’s still the same old blog containing the same old drivel.
  2. The post was week about “That Topic” set a new record in visitors & page-views that continued into the week-end when I don’t usually post. (Dr. Data told you so!)

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