The empty box

Just a few things to mention here. If you are actually following this blog, you may – or may not – have noticed this box in the sidebar; Just above the box/widget listing Recent Posts. This box lists the top 5 most “liked” posts here on The Parsons’ Rant. You also may have noticed that – at the time of this writing – the box is empty. This is most likely due to one of three reasons:

  1. This feature is a relatively new one on this blog site
  2. No one knows how to “like” my posts
  3. No one likes any of my posts

The "like" button

I am going to assume that it’s most likely # 2 and show you how to “like” my posts if you are so disposed. Way down at the end of each post, there is a heart-shaped button above my signature that allows you to indicate – anonymously – that this particular post has found favour with you. (See the picture at left.) This is not an ego thing and you don’t have to “like” anything if you don’t want to but this is a way of giving me feedback on the subject matter and whether I’m talking about the right things. Maybe the next time you stop by, the box won’t be quite as empty.

Finally, I have noticed an issue with my photo galleries. I realise that they are not the greatest bits of photography but they have stopped loading on to the page. The text comes up and the little wheel beneath turns and turns but nothing ever happens.  (See the image below) I do not know if this has been going on a while or is a recent development. I would say that it’s due to internet traffic but other pages and posts with static images seem to load their photos just fine. Maybe it’s due to a collision between 2 or more plugins. Maybe the most recent update to the gallery plug-in is at fault. Rest assured that I will sort this problem out and you will be able to see my mediocre photography again in short order.  Problem Sorted! Thanks to Dalton at! This outfit makes the Portfolio Slideshow Pro plugin that powers our galleries.

The photo gallery itself never completely loads

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