Several years ago, I traveled to my boyhood home in Hopewell, VA in order to spend the Christmas Holidays with my mother. I arrived the day after the Winter Solstice and motored over to the City Point Unit of the Petersburg National Battlefield which is also known as Appomattox Manor. The sun was low in the western sky as I pulled in to the parking lot and I whipped out my trusty Sony pocket camera and went to work.  The last image in the series was taken the day after Christmas which was properly bleak and dreary. I used it as the third image in a triptych of photos that I presented to my brother  in 2011 as a Christmas present.

To see a larger version in a pop-up lightbox, click on the image (not the thumbnail) and use the left and right arrows on the respective sides to navigate thru the slide-show.

[portfolio_slideshow id=151 centered=true]

I ran the photos through the OnOne Perfect Photo Suite to give a bit of punch to the colours.

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