Today was my annual eye exam and I am still recovering from the part I hate most: dilation. Over all, very little change in my prescription and no sign of any of the eye problems that afflict older folks & diabetics. (Huzzah!) Just the same old near-sightedness and astigmatism.

Since I spend a hell-of-a-lot of time in front of a PC monitor, the eye doctor suggested that I get a pair of glasses that have the prescription adjusted for this kind of work. It sounded like a good idea to me and so I started the paperwork to get a new pair of glasses. The hardest part is, as always, choosing the frames. I’ve had wire-rim frames since I graduated from college so I decided to get horn-rimmed frames so I could easily tell them apart. After wading through all the possibilities, I settled on two different frames.

One is a tortoise-shell with thicker arms. The inside of the arms & rims are this funky shade of sea-green. The price is quite reasonable and I won’t have to sell one of the moggies to afford a new pair of glasses.

The other is a black plastic rim with more narrow arms. These frames are a fair bit lighter in weight than the the first ones. The price is . . . well . . . an arm and a leg and it looks like both of the cats will have to go on the auction block.

Guess which set of frames I like!

So, here for your enjoyment are pictures of me in both sets. The ones I like are on the right.

The ones I like

The funky ones.

The funky ones.

The ones I like.

3 Responses to Do the eyes have it?

  • Paula Keller says:

    I like the thinner pair better! However, I still prefer you in wire rims. 😉

    • Howard says:

      I agree with you on the wire-rims. At the same time however, I spare pair are wire-rims as well. Most of what the girl showed me this afternoon in the way of wire-rims were too much like the ones I already have. Another reason I opted for the horn-rims is that the lenses are larger and I won’t have to slide these down my nose in order to see the kwyboard.

  • Howard says:

    Looking at the photo on the left, I am reminded of how much I look like my brother. In the one on the right, I am reminded of how much better the picture would have been if I had not slumped down in the chair!

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