As I might have mentioned on the front page of this site, I am somewhat Scottish. (I’m also somewhat Native American but that’s a story for another day.) I even march in the occasional parade.

Being of that persuasion, I keep an eye on things like single-malt whisky, kilts, more single malt whisky and . . . tartans. The Scottish Government maintains a registry known as The Scottish Register of Tartans and ordinary folks like you and me can use it to search for tartans associated with your family name, school, organisation, company, etc. Any person or entity can register a tartan provided that it is a unique pattern and colour palette. (Just ask me about the red Grant tartan sometime.) You’ll see tartans that were designed to commemorate things like weddings & other events, holidays, someone’s fancy to have a real family tartan and . . . movies.

The movie in question is the Disney/Pixar release known as Brave and Disney has registered a tartan known as DunBroch which is representative of the tartan worn in the movie  by the royal family of the kingdom of DunBroch. Tartans may be restricted to use by members of a Clan, a family, organisation, company etc. With regard to the first for categories, enforcing the restriction is kind of hard especially if the tartan is one of the very many that are regularly woven by the commercial mills. At most, there is some grumbling and sometimes a bit of  pride; your choice of the particular tartan in question is taken as a complement. The last category, though, can be a bit dicey as corporations carry a  good bit more clout (and attorneys) than the typical Clan association. Disney is no exception. DunBroch was registered with the restriction for exclusive use by Disney. So, unless you find neckties or scarves for sale at Disney World, you would do well to steer clear.

By the way, Princess Marida – the character you hear in the promos – is voiced by the talented and lovely Kelly Macdonald. You may be familiar with her work in Boardwalk Empire or No Country for Old Men.

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