This is a new feature of The Parsons Rant. Quite often, there are news items in the computing press where the article is short, everything that you need to know is contained within the article itself and there’s not much that Dr. Data can add in the way of commentary. So, rather than having 3 very short posts, Dr. Data will combine these small bits into one big byte. These digests won’t be a daily or even weekly occurrence but they will appear as situations warrant.

Now that that’s settled, let’s get on with today’s bits and bobs.

Google’s Sub-Aquatic Street View

A good many of us know and love Google Maps and find it extremely helpful to see a street view of the address. Google has unveiled a new feature that will allow you to see a “street” view” of what’s under the water starting with the Great Barrier Reef. There is no word at this time if places of interest will be marked such as Neptune’s Palace, sunken treasure or mermaid hang-outs. Apple’s maps currently place Neptune’s palace in the vicinity of [ANYTHING-POPUP:3].

See the full article.

Siri Still Causing Problems

Not all of the problems with Siri have been resolved in the release of  iOS 6. Reports are coming in that something must be askew in how Siri processes location information as it is delivering inaccurate weather forecasts. Ask it for the weather in NYC and you just might get the current conditions in Boomer, NC.

See the full article.

Has Apple Lost Touch?

As long as we’re taking potshots at Apple, one blogger is beginning to think that Apple is dropping the ball more and more since Steve Jobs’ departure.

See the full article.

 New Beta Version of START 8 Released

Stardock Corporation has released a new beta version of its START 8 menu feature for Windows 8. Dr. Data will be going into the labs at Parsonage Data Services later today to take at look for himself.

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