Only a couple of interesting bits today and they both deal with tablets.

  • The term “post-PC” device has been bandied about recently and you may be wondering just WHAT a  “post-PC” device is. Matt Baxter-Reynolds, a UK-based software development consultant, has penned an excellent analysis in which he concluded that a post-PC device is

a lightweight device that’s used for one’s relationships and personal life, not for work.

   Read the full article on ZDNet.

  • Microsoft will be launching Windows 8 and its new Surface tablet in a little over two weeks from now. More than one analyst has observed that apps (applications) for the RT model – and Windows 8 in general – will be few and of mediocre quality. Microsoft’s VP for Sales and Marketing has announced that he expects that 100,000 Windows 8 Apps will be available by the beginning of February, 2013 and that 400 million people will be using Windows 8 devices by July of that year. Is he the Oracle of Delphi or is he just blowing smoke? Read what Charlie Osborne wrote about this on ZDNet.

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