This has been a rather slow week, news-wise. Here are a few things of interest.

  • Weak Interest In The iPad Mini? – The TechBargains website recently conducted a survey concerning the much rumoured,  yet-to-be announced iPad Mini. Only 18% of the respondents indicated that they planned to purchase the min. 50% weren’t interested and the rest were sitting on the fence. Read the full story on ZDNet.
  • Why is the iPad mini like Waiting For Godot? – If you’re tired of waiting for Cupertino to announce/launch the vapour-ware mini, there are 5 other 7 inch options that you might want to consider. Read the full story from PC Magazine.
  • And you think that your cell phone bill is HUGE? – A French woman received an unbelievable bill from her carrier saying that she owed 11,721,000,000,000,000 euros. That’s roughly $15 quadrillion US. Suddenly, the national debt doesn’t seem quite as bad as we thought. Read the full story on C|NET. 
  • And finally . . .  –  Dr. Data is combining the Digest and All in fun today. He couldn’t resist the cat photo below.

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