Good Monday all! Here are a few items that may be of interest to you as you start your week:

  • The Microsoft Surface RT goes on sale in just four days. The Windows Club has a Q & A session with the team that developed the Surface RT.  Très Interesting!
  • Dan Costa – writing for PC Magazine – thinks that the Surface RT will put a crimp in other manufacturers (OEMs) tablet efforts. The teams who have developed Windows 8 and the Surface RT are from the same company and have been working so that Windows 8 and the Surface RT and closely integrated; Not unlike Apple. This should mean a better overall experience when one purchases an RT. Read the full story at PC Magazine.
  • On the other hand, David Kingsly-Hughes from ZDNet believes that Microsoft’s less than aggressive pricing of the Surface tablet will not do the product any favours. He cites analyst Shaw Wu who claims that the $499 starting price is too high and that Microsoft is a Johnnie-come-lately to the fiercely competitive tablet market. If Microsoft would set the price of the low-end model at $299 – including the keyboard/cover, then the Surface RT just might have a fighting chance. The upside of this pricing decision is that other tablet OEMs have a golden opportunity to compete with the surface based on a more aggressive pricing structure. Read the full story on ZDNet.
  • Meanwhile, David Cole from CNN-Money opines that sales of Windows 8 will be slow, especially in the business sector. He believes that the radical change in the look and feel of Windows 8 will turn off buyers. It has become common for businesses to skip a release of Windows and because of XP’s longevity, they moved to Windows 7 only quite recently. IT departments will not be in the mood to immediately upgrade to Windows 8 and most – especially those who have no need or equipment for “Touch” – will probably stick with 7 until Windows 9 comes out. Read the full story at CNN-Money.

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