A few items today requiring only a wee bit of blether:

  • 22% of American Adults own a Tablet – A study by the Pew Research Centre has revealed that the tablet has become a mainstream device. In addition to the 22% ownership, another 3% borrow one belonging to someone else. Another finding is that only 52% of tablet owners have an iPad as opposed to 81% in 2011. Read the full article.
  • Fortune Magazine intimates iPad mini announcement –  Long rumoured to be in works, Fortune claims that invitations to the launch of a 7″ iPad will go out on Oct. 3rd with the big press event coming the week of Oct. 8th or 15th. Is Apple trying to steal Microsoft’s thunder? Read the full article on C|NET. PC Magazine has a similar article with additional details. A second article on C|NET reports that the device is already being manufactured in Brazil. Remember, you heard it here first!
  • Scientists seek to float a boat on Saturn’s moon, Titan – Instead of water, Titan host lakes of liquid methane so skinny dipping is not an option. Read the full story on C|NET.

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