1. My eyesight may be changing, but I still know how to read a clock, so I show up to work on time.
  2. I am unlikely to take the week off, because someone broke our heart.
  3. I don’t think of ear buds as required jewelry.
  4. I know how to spell customer service-better yet, how to deliver it. Since, I am not looking to climb the corporate ladder, I make a great mentor.
  5. I don’t expect to be complemented for breathing; I expect praise for a good job and a correction for a bad one.
  6. You will get points in heaven, if you protect an endangered species.
  7. After all, I am part of the last generation of workaholics.
  8. I really need the job; after all I can’t move in with mom or dad (mom and dad are likely to be moving in with me).
  9. I have an attention span greater than the life of a flea.
  10. I don’t have my cell phone super glued to my texting finger. In fact, I seldom “text”.
  11. I may not be physically as agile as I was at 20 or even 40, but I am really flexible. I will work different shifts, work from home, change my plans, and work on contract projects without complaining.
  12. I remember the old adage “work before pleasure.”
  13. I’m the same age as the B-52 and the Air Force expects it to be still going strong in 2040 so why not me as well?

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