How About Some More Pi?

Back in April, I wrote a post entitled “How Small The Computer?” The focus of this article was that you can get full-fledged PC’s and servers for between $25 & $100. One of the featured items was the advent of the Raspberry Pi; a real PC running Linux that is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. An article in TechRepublic states that the Model B is now available and selling for $35.00. The Pi – B now sports 512 MB of RAM so there is even more room on board to have fun with.

The Raspberry PI is being used to pilot Drones and as a lighting and heating controller for homes. One experimenter is using the PI as the basis for a tablet PC. Another Tech Republic article includes a slide-show which explains some of the many uses that the Pi has been put to already.

Admittedly, the Raspberry Pi is still in the realm of hobbyists and experimental applications. Nonetheless, if you like to fiddle with new technology, you can’t go wrong for $35.00. To learn more about the Raspberry Pi, see:

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