Ahhh, the late 1970’s. Disco, the Hostage Crisis, Mork & Mindy, FAX machines; It just doesn’t get any better than that! The micro computing industry was just getting started in those days. We were all used to hearing about mainframes or small business systems but having a computer in your home? That was something that nerds dreamed of. (The term “Geek” had not come into common currency yet with the possible exception of HAM Radio enthusiasts.)

Ads for micro systems and early PCs started appearing in publications like Scientific American and that was only the beginning. To take you back to an era where some of us had more hair and smaller waist-lines, Tech Republic offers a slide-show featuring Vintage Computer Advertisements from the late 1970s. If you look through these ads and smile fondly at the thought of days long past, then you are truly a geek. An uber-geek will look at the ads and say “Wow!” If you weren’t around in the late 1970’s, then this is just another thing that you missed out on.


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