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All Mermaids Must Go!

If you’ve been following the Merry Mermaid Christmas Book Give-away either on The Merblog or here on The Parsons’ Rant, you will know that the authors and publishers have been extraordinarily generous to us. In fact, we have more books than we can give away between now and Christmas Eve. In fact, we’re going to have enough books to give away from here to Epiphany if we don’t do something about it. No doubt, many of you would like to see the Merry Mermaid Give-away roll on until Old Christmas but come Boxing Day, yours truly wants to put his feet up, have a wee dram and a long nap. Since the purpose of the give-away is to (a) spread some holiday cheer and (b) get books about Merfolk into the hands of those interested in this particular sub-genre, we are offering our excess books on a first-come, first served basis. The books listed here are those of which we have too many copies to give away within the time-frame of our 25-day marathon or interest in winning a copy of the book has slowed down. Rather than cluttering The Merblog with un-claimed offerings, any copy of any book that doesn’t move on that site will be listed here so keep checking this post on a daily basis. If you want one of our clearance books, simply comment on this post & tell us which book you want. All comments on this blog-site are moderated in order to keep out spam, etc. so do not worry that your request has been lost.

The Books:

All The Mermaids In The Sea byRobert W. Cabell. This book serves as the foundation for all of Mr. Cabell’s forthcoming series including The Magical Adventures of Princess Miranda whose first installment is A Mermaid Christmas. All The Mermaids In The Sea tells the real story of the Little Mermaid. This novel is very YA-Friendly and is even suitable for older ‘Tweens. If you’re an adult, don’t worry; You’ll enjoy this story just as much. –  2 Copies Available

The link to my review of All The Mermaids In The Sea may be found below.


A Mermaid Christmas newly released by Robert W. Cabell. The story is written for 9 to 15 year-olds. If you’re of a child 7 or 8 years of age, Mr. Cabell’s writing is such that it will make a nice bedtime story when read in installments. It’s a very cute story and it’s perfectly acceptable to pretend you’re a child at Christmastime. Don’t worry – we won’t tell. – 3 Copies Available

The link to my review of A Mermaid Christmas may be found below.


When, At Last, He Found Me. The story contains romance, mystery, danger and heroism. Although the book was aimed at the mid-teen segment of the Young Adult market, it is easily readable and enjoyable by older teens as well as adults. In short, it is fun and exciting. – 2 Copies Available

The Link to my review of When, At Last, He Found Me may be found below.


The Book Reviews:

  • [intlink id=”5328″ type=”page”]All The Mermaids In The Sea[/intlink]
  • [intlink id=”5743″ type=”page”]A Mermaid Christmas[/intlink]
  • [intlink id=”903″ type=”page”]When, At Last, He Found Me[/intlink]

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