The best-laid schemes o’ mice an’ merrows{{1}} gang aft agley

 – with apologies to Bro. Robert Burns

Sometimes, things just go wrong and you can’t follow through on a promise. Back in January, my post entitled “Sequel City” listed seven mer-fiction sequels that were due to be published this year. Already, two of the sequels have missed their target release date. Actually, that would be three but Adrianna Steptiano was able to conquer her technical issues and release her next installment in the Memoirs of a Mermaid series – When, At Last, She Could See – only two days behind schedule.

Paige Blue’s LivEternal was targeted for release on Feb., 14th but has fallen behind due to a very hectic schedule. A new release date has yet to be announced.

The third book in the Mer Tales series, Everlost, by Brenda Pandos will not release on Feb. 28th as originally planned. There were a good number of last-minute edits to be done and no hope of doing a proper job in the time remaining so Brenda has re-scheduled the release for March 14th. She had briefly considered  releasing on The Ides of March – Anyone remember the early 70’s band of the same name? – but feared a mob of angry fans bearing pitch-forks and torches if she delayed it a day longer.

Whilst waiting for Brenda to wrap up work on Everlost, yours truly will have the time to slip in one or two books that would have otherwise had to wait until after he was done with his review of that book. Meanwhile, a review of  Fish Eyes: A Stranded Mermaid Adventure by Linda Pohring and Anne Dewberry will be posted here on this very blog site on or before March 1st.

That’s it for this edition of  Book News. If you’ll excuse me, I have to get going on that review.

[[1]] “Merrow” is the Celtic name for merfolk. Dr. Data was attempting to make a (very) wee joke here.[[1]]

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