If you came here looking for a TechnoRant©, you’ll have to come back tomorrow. Today’s post is about books and authors and freebies.

  • Gazebo Books – publishers of Robert W. Cabell’s All The Mermaids In The Sea – has graciously offered me 12 copies as well as 12 copies of A Mermaid Christmas – The Magical Adventures of Princess Miranda, Volume One to be used as give-aways. So, in co-operation with some fellow fans, we will be running “The 12 Mer-days of Christmas” on both The Merblog and on Goodreads.com. We’ll be giving away one copy of Mr. Cabell’s books each day. As of this moment, we’re planning to start the give-away on the Merblog  on December 1st and the one for Goodreads.com within a few days after December 1st.
  • Robert W. Cabell is not going to be alone in these give-aways; Emm Cole – author of Merminia – will be giving away a copy of her book on The Merblog . . . AND . . . I will be giving away a copy of Merminia here on The Parsons’ Rant as well. Fans of scales and tails are going to have a very Mer-ry Chistmas!
  • Marcus Rowe – author of Mermaid Memoirs – will be joining us for a 20 Questions interview in the next few weeks. Mr. Rowe is releasing a sequel this month.
  • Whilst we are on the subject of new releases, Robert W. Cabell is a very productive writer. His All The Mermaids In The Seawill serve as the foundation for three different series based on characters from the book:
    • The Magical Adventures of Princess Miranda Series will lunch this month with “A Mermaid Christmas” and is geared towards 9 years to 15 year olds.
    • The “Pearl a Modern Day Mermaid” series  will launch in May, 2012 and has a target audience of 12 to 18 year-olds.
    • The Aquatic Adventures of Alex and Alexandria – (the twins born at the end of “All The Mermaids”) – will come out in July and is for ages 4 to 8.
    • The Mermaid King of Krakatau will be released next Fall and “The Pearls Of Wisdom – Spirit of the Waves” will be released in summer of 2014.
  • Finally, Mr. Cabell will be joining us for a 20 Questions interview in the coming weeks.

There are some other books in the works but I’m going to save those for later. Stay tuned for details of the give-aways!

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