Earlier today, the CBS show This Morning reported a story about the results from an informal poll which came to the conclusions that a full 41 percent of women would like to have bigger breasts and that over 25 percent would be willing to trade a lower IQ for bigger breasts. (See The Story) Of course, there were negative reactions from feminist groups et. al, but before you get your knickers in a twist a little more consideration is needed.

For one thing, this was an informal online poll. While such surveys are far from scientific, they do give a glimpse of possible trends, opinions, etc. In other words, the results should be taken  with a grain of salt but not dismissed entirely.

Because it was an online poll, it is a given that anyone could take the poll – even men! There is always the chance that a certain amount of “poll-padding” took place as a prank.

Assuming that the vast majority of respondents were women, there is no break-down in the media – other than age – of the physical state of the women. Were painfully flat-chested women the ones willing to swap IQ for breast tissue? Were the respondents small-chested women who have trouble getting clothes to fit and look right? Were the respondents females who would feel just a bit more “womanly” with breasts that were a just a bit bigger? What did they mean by “Bigger”? Double D-cups??

Finally, there is no determination of just how many IQ points are being swapped for how much an increase. Do 5 points equal one cup size? The age range of the respondents was 18 to 25 years of age; the point in life where females begin to seriously consider attracting a mate. At that stage of life – and in this economy – the jobs they are taking are usually low-paying and less satisfying. In other words, their intelligence may not have had much of an impact on their life situation.

Despite the hand-wringing of feminists and women’s psychologists, the poll results are not a step backward. It is most likely due to the all-too-human desire to be more sexually attractive. This desire is not limited to women. There are plenty of guys who would like to have wash-board abs. Then too, there are all the blokes who respond to the Enzyte commercials.

How about a poll for the male half of the population? How many men would like to have a bigger penis? How many of you chaps would be willing to exchange I.Q. points for a bit more in the way of length and girth? How many of you would simply like to have one that just did what it’s supposed to, when it’s supposed to?

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