Boy was it hot! I believe that my brother told me it was over 100 degrees that day. I know that it felt like it in the church!

Judi arriving at the church

Judi arriving at the church














Somehow we all managed to survive it!

The wedding party

The wedding party

Our first dance.

Our first dance.

And I’ll never forget this moment as long as I live . . . no matter how much single-malt I consume. Smile

The only thing I want to know is: What happened to the skinny dude in the blue suit???

True Facts: Judi’s bridal portrait was finally taken 10 years after the event. The gown still fit!

NB — These photos need a bit of cleaning up. In due course, I plan to create a gallery with a selection of of photos from our album – now that we’ve finally found it – over this winter. I’m not expecting the world to beat an electronic path to my door; just a bit of fun, actually.

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