The 4th Annual IPS Day

The 4th Annual IPS Day

[stextbox id=”Quote” float=”true” align=”right” width=”290″] Why sure I’m a Pipe Smoker,

Certainly mighty proud I say,

I’m always mighty proud to say it.

I consider that the hours I spend

With a pipe in my hand are golden.

With apologies to Meridith Wilson

[/stextbox] Today is  the 4th annual International Pipe Smoking Day. While it is rather new as holidays go, around here it is still looked forward to with as much enthusiasm as the annual C.O.R.P.S. pipe show in Richmond, VA. While the latter event is viewed – by Dr. Data, anyway – as something akin to a high holy day, today is a day of importance nonetheless.   Ordinarily, Dr. Data would don his smoking jacket, put on his kilt – for a bit of true international flavour – and load up a bowl of MacBaren’s Scottish Mixture to be followed sometime later with a bowl of his beloved Heather Honey. However, since Dr. Data does have to work on this day – gotta pay for all them pipes somehow – he’s going to forego the kilt & smoking jacket and celebrate by lighting up his meerschaums with a few of his favourite blends and maybe a wee dram of Dalwhinnie. Emily Butcher, writing for, summed things up quite nicely:

 In the tradition of the Native American peace pipe ceremony or the coveted packed bowl set out by the fire next to a cozy pair of slippers at the end of a long day, pipe smoking is an art which has historically been promoted to foster relaxation and socializing — a slower approach to life. On February 20th a much-anticipated yearly event for pipe smokers around the world will take place in the form of International Pipe Smoking Day. The appreciation of a fine bowl of quality tobacco has held a place in the hearts of generations of men, the act itself promoting feelings of well-being and contemplation, but enthusiasm for the habit has been threatened in recent years. Once viewed as a dying breed, pipe smokers are finding new ways to network and band together in communities and online forums to celebrate the rich, historical tradition of the practice. The scope of the worldwide community has grown considerably in recent years through Twitter and Facebook, and specially-dedicated sites like The event marks an opportunity for these communities to promote a sense of camaraderie on a global scale. The Comite International des Pipe Club, an international organization made up of members from over 25 countries, is dedicated to preserving the pipe smoking tradition and is a strong supporter of the affair. [Today], seize the opportunity to slow down, to relish the small pleasures life has to offer. And as the United Pipe Clubs of America urges, to raise your pipes together to foster friendship, benevolence, and tranquility across all borders.

[boxify cols_use =”450″ cols =”600″ position =”none” box_spacing = “auto” padding =”10 15 13 27″ background_color =”aliceblue” background_opacity =”80″ border_width =”2″ border_color =”blue” border_radius =”10″ height = “50”]Slow Down and Observe International Pipe Smoking Day.

Promoting friendship and benevolence across borders.[/boxify]

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