I’ve never been much of an “early adopter” – you know, one of “those people” who have to try the latest technology the second it hits the market. Indeed, the only time I’ve done that was when the now ubiquitous thumb drives hit the market. Before that, there was only floppy disks and computers with vacuum tubes. The thumb drive was a real game-changer and PC’s with floppy drives began disappearing from the market. That IOmega thumb drive had a 250 megabyte capacity and cost an arm & a leg. Today, 4 gigabyte thumb drives are as cheap as chips.

So, with Windows 8 in the offing, I had planned to let the new OS stew a while before loading it on my main PC which has scads of software – much of which I probably don’t need – and settings which have tweaked to the nth degree. In other words, I’m not going to fool with that system unless I have to. All of this got me to think about my secondary PC. You might remember that in part 3 of my Linux rant, I mentioned that I was dual booting Ubuntu and Windows 7. I purchased this machine to use as a back-up/test bed. If I really fouled things up, it would not be much of a loss and most of the time, I boot up under Windows only to apply the latest updates.

So, maybe it’s time to use the Windows side of that machine for its original intended purpose. Windows 8 is due to arrive on shelves this Fall – most likely October – and I’ll be amongst the first geeks to get a copy of the upgrade version and install it. My Adventures with Windows 8 will be documented here on The Parsons Rant and you’ll be able to follow along.

Stay tuned.

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