Howard T. Parsons, Jr.

The Parsons’ Rant is the personal website of Howard Parsons; Software engineer, raconteur, avid pipe collector and the geeky husband of Judi Parsons. He has been known to wear a kilt on occasion.

Howard blogs on a variety of technical topics known as TechnoRants©. He also blogs about a number of topics such as Young Adult Fiction, Fashion, Men, Women and just about anything else that strikes his fancy. His followers are kept informed via Twitter and Facebook. His TechnoRants© are also announced on LinkedIn.

Howard welcomes comments but you will need to register with this site in order to post a comment. All comments will be reviewed for content, appropriateness, etc. Howard reserves the right to refuse comments that are obscene or abusive in nature.

All content is copyrighted by Howard Parsons and Parsonage Data Services unless otherwise noted.

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