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Real authors probably encounter this situation on a regular basis so a rank amateur like myself should not be surprised to face one as well. I had a (very) small scene in mind which was not critical or even the slightest bit necessary, but I wanted to use it as a bit of character development for Penelope. My question was: “How do I insert it into the plot?” It comes after the out-of-sequence Chapter (yes, another one!) I finished last week and as it stood, had no place in the following chapter.

To get around that problem, I wrote a sort of framework host the scene and had it lead off the following chapter. (At least it looks like it belongs there, now.) Just one wittle problem – I’m quite chuffed with the framework but don’t like the scene at the centre of it all.

Do I dump the scene but keep the framework? (If so, what do I replace it with?)

Do I dump the whole thing and forget about it?

Decisions, decisions.


I returned from the rarefied reaches of Hopewell, VA with almost none of the items on my list accomplished. My less than triumphant return to C’ville was aboard a tow truck as the faithful Camry suffered a possibly fatal breakdown en route to pick up some pipe tobacco before hitting the Interstate for home. While the jury is still out vis a vis’ its fate, things do not look good and the garage will, no doubt, require more than one pound of flesh to fix the transmission.

If the car had to give up the ghost, it couldn’t have chosen a better time and place than the Cary Street exit ramp in Richmond at around 2:20 on a sunny afternoon. There was enough momentum to carry the car up the ramp and nearly on to the streets of Richmond, VA. If I had gone home the night before, the car would have most likely died in the wilds of Goochland or Louisa counties, well after most civilized people would have retired for the night.

Since I’m supposed to be blogging about the Parsons’ Progress in crafting a mermaid novel via the ancient keyboard practice better known as ‘hunt and peck’, I’d better get to it. My goal had been to finish chapters 18 & 19 and maybe start on 20 but yours truly has a capricious muse to deal with and said lady convinced me to write down some key bits of a scene before I forgot them. The aforementioned muse knew full well that I would not stop until I had written an entire, out-of-sequence, chapter. For the record, I managed to save face somewhat by getting a few paragraphs closer to the end of chapter 18. Although I have vowed to wrap both chapters by the end of the week, I half expect my wayward muse to go to Disneyland or someplace like that and not leave a forwarding address.

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